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* Individualized Training*


Our adults’ classes are designed to specifically fit the needs of each individual in our program. We help to get your body and mind into peak condition. Whether it’s working to recapture that flexibility that you once had as a child, or just simply toning and conditioning your body into peak shape. Our instructors will work with you to reach your individual goals.


* Keeps you on target to achieve your goals*


The problem with working out at the gym is that most adults struggle to keep their interest in running repetitively on the treadmill. You will find that the drills in our class stimulate your mind as well as your body which make it that much easier to stay on target to reach your personal goals.


* Self Defense*

The drills in our classes will train and condition your body by developing the muscle memory needed to react in any situation where self defense is required.  Learning to throw a kick or punch is one thing, but developing the muscles needed to effectively use your techniques to protect yourself in a dangerous situation is another.  Our self defense skills will keep your confidence high insuring your personal security. 


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